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This is another design with a sunburst effect but lots of green fragments at its heart. Cosmic. ..
Cool lime and mint colours in a whirpool design. ..
A tangle of green and blackcurrent wires ..
Green and blackcurrant colours in thick lines ..
Spray_06_15_12_34 - Graceful flowing green strands
Graceful flowing green strands. Abstract art - green hair, anyone? ..
Ten Pin Bowling 1
This 3D image reminds us of ten pin bowling - an abstract art version, at night with the flashing..
Spray 11 38
Like the spokes of a wheel, but nicer. We're especially proud of this 3D abstract design. ..
Ten Pin Bowling 2
This 3D image reminds us of ten pin bowling - an abstract art version, at night with th..
Dan 05_22_14_59_Spiky
A pastel fruit coloured dandelion - with outward facing spikes. More like a thistle than a dandel..
All sorts of greens in a fairly symmetrical 3D pattern. A bit like green rafia. ..
Blues and greens with a 3D glow-effect and radial beams ..
Dan 05_22_10_55
This uses a "starburst effect" which we like. A bit of a supernova. ..
Dan 06_06_20_20
We managed to get a slight swirl in the sunburst radiant lines ..
Green, yellow, black and white swirl in a 3D spider's web of lines around a central glow. ..