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These designs are constructed from waves, radiating from a centre, but in layers with a range of colours and shapes. There are echoes of fine and intricate Maori designs, with their interlocking spirals and repeated revolving patterns in their weaving, carving and tattoos.

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Auburn and strawberry red lines in a 3D tangle of spokes and spikes. ..
This 3D design has a slight look of brushed metal ..
A 3D design of pink and grey lines make a circular dazzle of ridges. ..
Somehow this looks like it's an elaborate 3D metal structure, photographed on a thundery even..
Green and blackcurrant colours in thick lines ..
Here is a 3D design which will suit someone of minimalist taste. Grey and black lines zig-za..
A tangle of green and blackcurrent wires ..
Grey and pink circular ridges and troughs around a pink centre. Very 3D. ..
Spray_2011_07_04_19_14 - Red and auburn
Auburn and strawberry red lines in a 3D tangle of spokes and spikes. Some of the red fades i..
Spray_06_15_12_34 - Graceful flowing green strands
Graceful flowing green strands. Abstract art - green hair, anyone? ..
Grey Spraydiation
A monochrome 3D variant on one of our favourite abstract styles. ..
Spray_12_15_37 - Pink
Intricate pink and grey 3D design, lots of radiating lines, like a pink sunburst. Pink is not nor..
Pink Trio
We made a set of three 3D designs with "Razzbri" pink colour scheme. We will sell as a ..
Here's a nice swirl design without complications. It's a full frame design (goes out to t..
We love the dazzling effect of moire patterns in this design. It's a full frame 3D desig..
Green, yellow, black and white swirl in a 3D spider's web of lines around a central glow. ..