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Swirly globes made of thousands of triangles. We can get glow, sunburst, whirlpool and other effects to get all sorts of appearances, despite the underlying method being simple. Our Dandelion pictures are a nod to the flowers of New Zealand pohutukawa and agapanthus, and other beautiful shapes of nature.

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Tangerine and sunglow all in one oval swirl. ..
This is another design with a sunburst effect but lots of green fragments at its heart. Cosmic. ..
Although most of our designs are quite colourful, there is room for a more muted, monochrome desi..
Here's a really colourful one, all the colours of a rainbow. ..
Cool lime and mint colours in a whirpool design. ..
Rainbow Coloured Swirl
This was our first printable dandelion picture: we were blown away by the swirl effect when seen ..
Sunflower Swirl
Pastel coloured swirl We have one more available in stock, size A3 (420x 297mm), 30mm thickne..
Dan 05_22_14_59_Spiky
A pastel fruit coloured dandelion - with outward facing spikes. More like a thistle than a dandel..
Dan 05_01_11_04
A rainbow of triangular shards bursts out from the glow around a white centre ..
Dan 05_22_10_58
Blue, cyan inner portion, darker blue and purple outer halo ..
Dan 05_22_10_55
This uses a "starburst effect" which we like. A bit of a supernova. ..
Dan 06_06_20_20
We managed to get a slight swirl in the sunburst radiant lines ..
A bright purple splurge blending with a shimmer of greys and blue ..