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Welcome to Artspiration - Abstract Art

We offer unique abstract art, and work to your commission.

We bring our abstract artwork from the UK to our home in New Zealand. We have successfully held exhibitions in Devon and Cornwall, UK, where we were inspired by the rich, varied and rugged landscape.  We  feel a similar sensibility and connection in New Zealand, where we aim to develop our art styles further. We are inspired by mathematical progressions in nature, such as the Fibonacci sequence in ferns and shells.  We combine a contemporary European feel, blended with the spirit of the fine and intricate Maori designs, with their interlocking spirals and repeated revolving patterns in their weaving, carving and tattoos.

Please contact us if you are an artist and would like to showcase your work for sale on Artspiration.

Some of Our Abstract Art Work

Spraydiation green and purple

Our green and purple Spraydiation picture

Spraydiation green hair

Our "green hair" Spraydiation picture

What Inspires Us

Weaving in Auckland museum

Woven wall covering in Auckland Museum

Carved spiral, Te Puia, Rotorua

Carved spiral woodwork in Te Puia workshop, Rotorua

Koru pendant

Jade koru pendant, Wikimedia

Fern painting

Fern painting Tatuagem

Floral design

Symmetrical floral patterns

Merkaba design

Merkaba design from ObsidianButterfly



Shell geometry

Mathematical shell geometry (Fibonacci proportions)


We offer our abstract artwork, typically printed on canvas. With our artwork, you can be sure of getting something really special and not mass-produced.

Are you looking to commission artwork?

We are now successfully designing tailor-made abstract artwork for client requests. By being inspired from the designs shown in our site, we match your choice of colours. Also we can incorporate logos or other motifs, say, to match your home decor, office space or corporate branding. Just send us any ideas and requirements you may have, and we will work with you to find some inspiration. Any items designed for commission will be unique for you, never sold to anyone else.





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